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Cybersecurity Challenges of Big Data & AI : Dotgroup

cybersecurity challenges of big data

Using AI and Big Data has become the norm to get work done in day to day life. In the meantime, it's essential to keep in mind that AI and Big Data has given life to a range of new cybersecurity challenges as well. If you are planning to reap the benefits that come along with AI and Big Data, you need to have a basic understanding of these challenges. Having this understanding will ensure your businesses security and protection in the long run.

Cybersecurity challenges created by big data and AI

One of the biggest challenges that we will have to experience in the future is aligning privacy and security demands in the process of designing data processing operations. We need to make sure that we are ending up with the best possible results in terms of managing privacy and security while reaping the benefits that come along with data management. Europol has already understood this challenge. That’s the main reason why they have come up with the necessary steps to continue working with ensuring sufficient safeguards for all the people who have been negatively impacted due to personal data processing. This is done while delivering efficient and bureaucratised processes for ensuring data security.

A key objective in this process is to make sure that all the culprits are caught. In order to do that, big data will be used. Along with that, it is also possible to make sure that all citizens who live in Europe are working according to full compliance along with fundamental rights.

Europol has been able to achieve exceptional results with this and is even celebrating this achievement by having a Data Protection Day.

How AI can benefit cybersecurity in future

In the meantime, it is also important to keep in mind that AI is in a position to deliver a range of benefits to ensuring cybersecurity in the future as well. If we correctly use artificial intelligence, we will be able to receive invaluable support and be able to overcome numerous cybersecurity challenges that we are facing as of now. That’s mainly because of the self-adapting capabilities that we can find in AI. People who work hard to ensure cybersecurity will need to go ahead with little customisations. This can help them to make their lives easy. On the other hand, they can also experience benefits that come with reduced maintenance as well.

We can use AI to ensure data management and cybersecurity in numerous ways. For example, we can use AI, and intelligently limit access to the systems, so that people who don’t have legitimate permissions can’t access. On the other hand, you will be able to use AI to strengthen overall surveillance. There is a possibility to use AI to generate detailed audit logs as well.

These AI-based applications are getting more and more attention in the recent past. Therefore, it is up to you to pay extra attention to them and make sure that you are enjoying all the benefits that come along with them. If you are a part of an enterprise IT security team, you should pay more attention to this fact immediately. Then you can gain an advantage in the industry and reap all benefits that come along with it.

Along with proper utilisation of AI, you will be able to reduce both internal threats as well as external threats. On the other hand, you will be able to receive outstanding results by overcoming numerous pressing problems that your company is facing. On top of everything else, you can get the help of AI-based tools to relieve tedious and subordinate tasks that you will have to meet to overcome the challenges that you are facing daily. The final objective of all these initiatives will be to make sure that your company remains safe from all sorts of cybersecurity threats that you might encounter.