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Five Methods to Improve Your Strategy for Data Management

Five Methods to Improve Your Strategy for Data Management 

 If you run a business that depends on the cloud for either disaster recovery or backups, getting your cloud data management  strategy right is crucial. Fail to put a suitable strategy in place and your business operations could be hit hard if disaster was to strike.

In this blog, we look at 5 ways in which you could improve your cloud data management  strategy and build real resilience into your data architecture. We’ll cover data governance , security and a whole lot more, so, without further ado, let’s dig into the good stuff!

Method 1 - Get Your SLA Ducks in a Row

Having a coherent data recovery process in place is vital to protect your data against a disruptive event. This means that you need to get your Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for back up and recovery in alignment so that you have the confidence of knowing that should something happen, you’ll be able to get your data back without too much stress.

Method 2 - Clarify Your Data Governance  and Security Policies

Data breaches and loss are the main concern for companies deployed on the cloud, however, it’s human beings that represent the biggest threat. To combat this you should clarify your security and data governance  policies with your teams to ensure that no unnecessary weak points are being exposed through non-compliance.

Method 3 - Get a Firmer Grip of Control of Your Data Management 

The cloud is great for quick and seamless up-scaling, however, this can create inefficiencies, so when analysing your cloud deployment, you need to ask yourself whether you have sufficient control of all of your data assets. Is information about data, who owns and who can access it, easy to find? If not, you need to review your strategy to ensure greater control.

Method 4 - Make the Most Out of Cloud Cost Savings

Whilst cloud data management  savings may already be evident in your operation, you may not be fully leveraging the cost benefits that it offers. Performance and scalability are important too, for sure, however, that shouldn’t stop you from optimizing your management spend to its fullest.

Method 5 - Future-proof Your Management Strategy

One of the biggest benefits of having a cloud-based strategy for managing your data is the flexibility and freedom that it provides. When new technologies emerge to improve your business operations, you need to have the ability to embrace at little or no cost, which is why you should build agility into your infrastructure, with the use of vendor-agnostic solutions being useful in this regard.

Talk to the Data Management  Experts Today

By focusing your thoughts and efforts on the tips we’ve provided here today, you’ll not only be able to recover and back up your data with confidence and maintain high levels of data quality , data governance  and security, but you’ll also avoid costly failures and realise the true competitive advantage that the cloud offers. Certainly something to think about, we think you’d agree.

At Dot Group, we are an official IBM Cloud Pak partner in the UK  and we totally understand that changing anything in your IT infrastructure can be daunting. However, with our expertise in IBM Cloud Pak for data  and our talent for IT strategy development, you can trust our expert consultants to get the job done right the first time, more of the time.

If you’d like to know more about us and what we do, you can visit us online at www.dotgroup.co.uk where you’ll find information about how we’ve been the authority on data for over 30 years. Alternatively, if you’d like to speak to us directly about your data management needs, call us today on 0207 352 8423 and we’ll do our utmost to assist.