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IBM Cloud Pak for Data

ibm cloud private for data

Get your data ready for AI with IBM Cloud Private for Data

At the Dot Group, we can’t stress enough about the importance of a robust information architecture in order to monetise your data. Artificial Intelligence enabled analytics can provide insights into customer behaviour, business operations and offer a humongous opportunity for business to provide personalised / exceptional customer service, reduce the cost of operations and create offerings to beat competition. However, let’s not forget that AI and analytics are only as good the quality of your data.

Why choose IBM Cloud Private?

Robust Information Architecture

IBM Cloud Private for Data includes an enterprise data catalog that helps you create a robust information architecture by ensuring that your data is mapped to a standard set of business terms and follows information governance policies and rules. It transforms your data from raw data into valuable data that can be used to your business advantage.

Mind your data

IBM Cloud Private gives you more control over your data. It gives you the cost benefit of a cloud solution without any compromise on the security.

Single source of truth

Another advantage is that it can help centralise data from various data sources. This means you can access any data from a single source of truth. It gives you a single web application platform

Empower analytics and data science

Imagine the difference in the amount of time it takes you to begin data analysis when you have a searchable set of data sources already connected. IBM Cloud Private has various data sources already installed. You just access these tools via your browser.

Transform your data

While being able to easily find the data and examine it is very useful, data will frequently not be in just the format you want it. IBM Cloud Private also provides a set of transformation tools which are connectors to IBM’s DataStage product. This helps change the data into a usable format.

Ease of Use

ICP for data seems like an easy too to install and use even in complex, enterprise environments. Its key features include –

Supports multi-cloud environments – private or public cloud environments

Allows users to leverage open source technologies

The system can be up and running in hours and addition of new software is easy.

Book a free discussion with one of our experts to explore the benefits of this “Plug and Grow” software from IBM.