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  • Data Storage is getting cheaper. Does that mean we can ignore it ?


Data Storage is getting cheaper. Does that mean we can ignore it ?

data storage

Every minute, 1.7 megabytes of data is created for every person on the planet. All 7.3 billion of us!

In its latest report Gartner suggests that 80% of this growing data in unstructured and business data. So even with data storage becoming cheaper are we up to the challenge of managing this explosive growth of data?

As the exponential growth of data overwhelms us , where and how do we start to assess if our data storage is fit for purpose, effective, secure and robust ?

First step for optimising data storage -

Data Storage assessment

The first step in designing and implementing an effective data storage solution is to assess your current storage infrastructure. There are various service providers in this space who look at analyse your data piecemeal. What do I mean by piecemeal? The assessment services would either just look at application data, operational data, physical data storage or just capacity elements. Some of these can be provided by your server provider or you may have developed home grown systems or excel sheets to monitor the health of your storage.

However, any of the above solutions fall short of painting the complete picture for a chief data officer, infrastructure manager or data steward who would like to just have one single lens to look at his data from all aspects - capacity, security, usability, availability, robustness and scalability to support future road-map of the business.

"NOT Managing storage is not an option" - says Gartner, as the volume of data will sooner or later will become a pressing issue. This message was relayed in various ways at Think London Summit earlier this month. We heard IBM leaders say that being passive or defensive about data storage is costing businesses millions in lost opportunity that a good data platform provides but also in lost reputational value.

Not assessed your storage requirements for 2020? Here's your chance to get a client storage assessment for free (yes completely free). Use the extensive client storage assessment to either build a case for further investment into storage, rationalise existing storage costs, plan a data migration project better or just optimise performance of existing data assets. You can book an initial call with me here to discuss your data storage optimisation challenges or send me an email.