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  • The Benefits & Best Practices of Cloud Data Management 


The Benefits & Best Practices of Cloud Data Management 

The Benefits & Best Practices of Cloud Data Management 

In the modern business world, organisations need to work efficiently to succeed and outperform their competition. Central to this is how these organisations are able to manage their data, because when a company grows, more and more people need to be able access business data whilst also still maintaining data security.

Since the advent of Cloud data management , data managers have had a system that is versatile and scalable enough to meet all of the access needs of employees. It’s for this reason that many organisations have moved to cloud computing for their data management  needs, as it offers a sound foundation on which to create the data architecture needed for successful AI.

The Benefits of Managing Data On the Cloud

When using any cloud-based data system like IBM Cloud Pak for data , there are a multitude of benefits that come along with it, not least being the aspect of cost. Let’s take a look at some of these many business advantages in closer detail.

  • Security - The vast majority of adopters of cloud data management report that security is better than their previous on-premises solution. This is partly due to there being no hardware to fail, but also because cloud services typically feature more advanced security protocols.
  • Data governance - Cloud storage allows for improved control over which employees are allowed to access any given data set during the course of their duties from wherever they are. The improved security this provides enables an enhanced culture of collaborative work.
  • Cost Savings & Scalability - Cloud computing allows users to scale up and down depending on their business needs. More computing power or storage can be added or removed as and when required to help companies to only pay for services they need.

This is far from being an exhaustive list, as there are additional benefits to be had relating to data quality , sustainability, disaster recovery and more besides.

Cloud Data Management Best Practices

When employing a cloud-based data management  strategy, things do work in quite a similar way to on-premises methods, but with a few key differences. Essentially organisations are responsible for their own management of data and here we look some best practice on the subject.

  • Have a plan from the outset - Movement and management of data in the cloud doesn’t involve just dumping it there and hoping for the best. You need to consider things like whether you’re going to go fully into the cloud or create a hybrid environment. Factors like access and processing need to be taken into consideration and included in your grand plan.
  • Regular back-ups - The majority of cloud providers conduct backups on a regular basis, however, it does pay to check that it’s being done correctly, whether hosting your own cloud operating fully online.
  • Clean data maintenance - Ensuring that there are no errors or duplicates on your system is vital, as other practices involved in data management depend on it. Keeping your data ‘clean’ and accurate is one of the most important factors to keep your eye on.
  • Update your data governance protocols - you need to ensure that your on-premises data governance  policies are up to date and include the additional compliance issues that are involved with working on the cloud.

Taking Care of All of Your Cloud Data Management Needs

At Dot Group, we have been working with IBM for almost two decades and using their proprietary IBM Cloud Pak for data  and as an official IBM Cloud Pak partner in the UK , we can provide the foundation you need to create the modern architecture you need for successful AI. This data management  platform can be deployed on any private or public cloud, permitting our customers to choose their ideal data environment.

The solution we provide allows you to reduce your data movement and storage costs, as well as costs relating to infrastructure maintenance. It also allows you to streamline your security and governance while at the same time, ensuring your compliance is up to scratch.

What’s more, our vast experience has provided us with the technical expertise and interpersonal skills required to implement both small and large scale deployments. Our guys have seen pretty much everything, so whatever your project entails you’re in very good hands.

So, if you’d like to know more about us or what cloud data management  can do for you, simply visit us online at www.dotgroup.co.uk where you’ll find lots of useful information. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to one of our friendly expert consultants about your needs, give us a call on 0207 352 8423 today and we’ll do our utmost to assist in any we can.