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The Holistic Data Management Solution That’s Transforming Customer Care

ibm watson explorer

Cognitive capabilities and hybrid cloud technology are playing an increasing part in how industries utilise their data. Discover how data management platforms are transforming customer care.

As customer expectations rise, so too is the awareness that companies need to meet rising expectations if they want to thrive in today’s marketplace. But while many businesses will admit to prioritising customer service, it can be difficult to make effective decisions in this area without the means of gathering and analysing the data needed to back them up.

IBM Watson Explorer

As content analytics capabilities grow and businesses increasingly rely on insights gleaned from large volumes of unstructured data sets, data management platforms such as IBM Watson Explorer are transforming the ways in which businesses can achieve this.

Social listening enhances customer care and drives competitor analysis

Knowing what's being said about your company online allows you to see where you're succeeding and where you need improvement.

The retail sector is a primary example of where visibility over customer insight can make a significant impact on how your business delivers customer care. By reading natural language, some data management platforms can understand sentiment and carry out the relevant analysis. In short, if customers start to complain about your product or service over social media, the platform utilises natural language processing (NLP) to pick up on this and promptly notify you.

Not only does this feature enable you to address any issues in your organisation, but it allows you to monitor competitors and react opportunistically. If one of your main competitors is receiving a bout of bad press, you can change your customer insight programme to make customers aware of your unique offering.

Data management platforms increase business productivity and data quality

Without a unified way to view all of your data in one place, your data quality is likely to be low — in turn stunting productivity, particularly for supply chains.

L’Oreal is a key example of a brand who adopted data management platform IBM Watson Explorer in order to optimise how their information is managed. A crucial aspect of this adoption was unifying all product information.

Since the L’Oreal Group consists of 28 different brands, including Lancome, Maybelline, and Garnier, unifying their information has enabled L’Oreal to significantly improve productivity and data quality. L’Oreal has also been able to enjoy the benefits of significant savings (both financially and in hours spent gathering information).

From a product position perspective, L’Oreal did not need to create a complex system, and adopting Watson Explorer was the ideal light-touch solution.

Natural language processing improves quality and turnaround of customer feedback response

Another powerful application of natural language processing is its ability to pick up the sentiment behind customer insights, such as customer complaints in a call centre.

Watson Explorer’s Content Analytics Miner and Content Analytics Studio tools are even capable of recognising human quirks such as sarcasm. ‘Thank you very much for flying me to Spain and my bags to North America’ would not go undetected by British Airways, for example, at which point customer care could step in to intervene.

By harnessing the power of NLP, Watson Explorer enables your business to respond swiftly to customer feedback and remain dynamic.

Data management platforms: the holistic solution that’s transforming customer care

To recap, today’s data management platforms can equip your business with the tools to manage, monitor, and analyse both structured data and unstructured data, directly impacting your ability to draw meaningful customer insights from your data and implement these across your operations.

Whether you serve in healthcare, customer services, energy or supply chains, platforms like Watson Explorer provide the ideal holistic solution to managing your data while ensuring optimum customer care.

To learn more about IBM Watson Explorer’s capabilities and how you can use the platform to improve customer care, click below to download the white paper.